brother_ql.labels - All information specific to the different kinds of labels

The class Label is representing a single kind of label. Each label has an identifier and quite a lot of details relevant for the rasterizing part of the software (number of dots printable, offsets, etc.).

class Label(identifier: str, tape_size: Tuple[int, int], form_factor: brother_ql.labels.FormFactor, dots_total: Tuple[int, int], dots_printable: Tuple[int, int], offset_r: int, feed_margin: int = 0, restricted_to_models: List[str] = NOTHING, color: brother_ql.labels.Color = <Color.BLACK_WHITE: 0>)[source]

This class represents a label. All specifics of a certain label and what the rasterizer needs to take care of depending on the label choosen, should be contained in this class.

identifier = None

A string identifier given to each label that can be selected. Eg. ‘29’.

tape_size = None

The tape size of a single label (width, lenght) in mm. For endless labels, the length is 0 by definition.

form_factor = None

The type of label. It’s an instance of the FormFactor class.

dots_total = None

The total area (width, length) of the label in dots (@300dpi).

dots_printable = None

The printable area (width, length) of the label in dots (@300dpi).

offset_r = None

The required offset from the right side of the label in dots to obtain a centered printout.

feed_margin = None

An additional amount of feeding when printing the label. This is non-zero for some smaller label sizes and for endless labels.

restricted_to_models = None

If a label can only be printed with certain label printers, this member variable lists the allowed ones. Otherwise it’s an empty list.

color = None

Some labels allow printing in red, most don’t. The member is an instance of the Color class.


Method to determine if certain label can be printed by the specified printer model.


The form factor of the label can be described using this enumeration:

class FormFactor[source]

Enumeration representing the form factor of a label. The labels for the Brother QL series are supplied either as die-cut (pre-sized), or for more flexibility the continuous label tapes offer the ability to vary the label length.


rectangular die-cut labels


endless (continouse) labels


round die-cut labels

The colors a label can be printed in are described using this enumeration:

class Color[source]

Enumeration representing the colors to be printed on a label. Most labels only support printing black on white. Some newer ones can also print in black and red on white.


The label can be printed in black & white.


The label can be printed in black, white & red.